Meet the InJust10Pages Team:

Brandon Schmid, President and CEO:

Brandon has been in business for many years and he started his first company when he was only 20 and still in college. After 4 years of part-time work, Brandon and his team grew Diamond Heights Vending from 1 location in December 2004 to over 160 locations by the end of 2008. To this day Brandon still owns this business and which runs on 90% automation and takes only a couple of hours per month to manage.

InJust10Pages was born from a vision Brandon created as a result of being frustrated with buying products online that were 75% useless infromation. He later discovered that over 50% of people never finish the book they just bought and so he set out to create a company that offered products that would cut through all this fluff and solve their problems quickly.


Conrad Dekker – Creative Director and SEO Specialist:

Attention to detail and a creative spirit have always driven Conrad Dekker. Having worked in a retail environment for over a decade, he rapidly climbed the ranks of the service industry and fully understands both the needs of the customer and the company. He realizes the importance of letting the consumer easily find the business.

Conrad attended Sheridan College and graduated in 2009 at the top of his class with high honours. He also won several awards to complement his abilities. Highly skilled in research and gifted with video creation and story telling, Dekker has discovered a perfect niche with Angulus Marketing. The company allows him to evolve is creative abilities while combining them with a knowledge of business marketing and advertising.


Guy Gagnon, Business Relations Manager

Guy Gagnon has filled a great need as the Business Relations Manager. Angulus Marketing Ltd. works with experts all over the world. Guy’s dynamic personality and professionalism has been invaluable at bridging that gap between these experts and the clients we serve.

Guy’s patience in communicating with clients ensures that every concern has been addressed and every detail given its due consideration. In placing great importance in the understanding of the needs clients, Guy is able to make sure that the final product they receive is exactly what they wanted and more.


Leo Aljiro San-Luis, Head Graphic Designer

Aljiro's ability to see the big picture and his eye for design make him a key component to the InJust10Pages team. All design revisions and key ideas start with Aljiro's creative touch. A native of the Philippines, Aljrio works directly with the InJust10Pages team to help with most of the design work while balancing a very busy college schedule.

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