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The Do's And Don'ts of Affiliate Marketing

Posted by In Just 10 Pages, Schmid, Brandon on 07-21-2011       

Whether you're a seasoned affiliate marketer or a newbie just learning how to get going, there are certain "codes of ethics" you need to follow in order to become a great promoter. This is not just so you represent the InJust10Pages brand correctly, but its just the right thing to do. The following video explains what you can and can't do both ethically and so you stay in compliance with the SPAM regulations. Please watch the video before you do any marketing.

InJust10Pages Affiliate Program Basics

Posted by In Just 10 Pages, Schmid, Brandon on 07-20-2011       

Congratulations and welcome to the InJust10Pages affiliate program!The video below explains all the basics about the program. From how to find your rank to learning how to use promo tools. It's all covered in this affiliate basics video. Take a few minutes and watch the video so you can get the most out of the InJust10Pages affiliate program.

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