​Top 133 Websites about Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease

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  Okay, you may be thinking... Wait a minute... The top 133 websites about gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease? Why 133? Why not 10 or even 20? The reason why I decided to create a list that big is because 1 in 133 people in the United States suffer from Celiac Disease, or nearly 2.5 million Americans. That's a lot of people, and why not compile a big list of sites for you to reference and use!

Finding resources is often as simple as checking out one of the search engines, but this list will provide you with information, gluten-free recipe sites, ebooks, microbooks and much more.

There's no doubt that gluten intolerance is increasing and many people are diagnosed every single day! If you are looking for the best information, check out the list!

The Top 133 Gluten Intolerance or Celiac Disease websites:

  1. 1. Celiac.com - Celiac.com is an excellent resource for all of your special dietary needs. It will give you plenty of information about Celiac Disease and gives dozens of amazing helpful products, gluten-free recipes and other gluten free essentials to help you properly manage your gluten intolerance.
  2. 2. Glutenfree.com - This site is an AMAZING resource that will help you locate plenty of gluten-free products. They have an awesome online shopping feature with a wide selection of gluten-free food. They will ship whatever products you buy to anywhere in the United States or Canada. glutenfree.com provides gluten-free, wheat-free food product for diets restricted due to celiac disease or gluten intolerance
  3. 3. PubMed Health - If you are like me, you also enjoy reading government websites to help create an understanding about Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance. This site describes in fantastic detail all about the disease, the complications, and the many symptoms linked to Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. For amazing information, this is a must read.
  4. 4. Health Canada - For our Canadian friends, Health Canada has created a fairly brief yet very understandable description about Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. There are several useful links within the site that will help you understand and manage the disease. It also has very clear and up-to-date information about the New Gluten Labeling Requirements (http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/ahc-asc/media/nr-cp/_2011/2011_23-eng.php)
  5. 5. Mayo Clinic - Many of us, through our countless hours of research have discovered The Mayo Clinic website. It lists the usual symptoms, risk factors, complications, tells you how to prepare for an appointment, what different tests and how to diagnose the disease and how to change to a gluten free lifestyle.
  6. 6. National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse - This site will give you general information about Celiac Disease and explains how it can disrupt and prevent the absorption of nutrients through the small intestine. It also discusses the various symptoms, how to diagnose Celiac Disease and treatment options.  
  7. 7. Coeliac UK - Much like the websites dedicated to Celiac Disease in the United States and Canada, Coeliac UK is an excellent resource for our friends across the pond. You are able to join and can choose from many different gluten-free recipes, it provides local support information, a telephone hotline and will give you a list of all sorts of gluten friendly restaurants.
  8. 8. Celiac.ca - The Canadian Celiac Association is a very comprehensive site that provides information on the gluten-free diet, lists a number of gluten-free products and helps people understand how to manage their gluten intolerance. It also provides local chapters and an outreach community for people suffering from Celiac Disease or gluten intolerance.
  9. 9. Medlineplus - This website, like a lot of the others, provides several quality links to downloadable PDF's and gives a brief overview about Celiac Disease and also mentions other health related issues.
  10. 10. Celiac Disease Foundation - This site is exciting because it keeps you up-to-date about some of the most recent news and educational seminars about gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease. It's a nice site to visit because you can see if there is a local conference in your area and also provides a great deal of information about how to cope and manage the disease.
  11. 11. Kids Health - Kids Health is a great way to teach your children and teens about Celiac Disease and provides a lot of great information for parents too. It really helps to explain the disease in a way kids would understand and has plenty of fun recipes and some wonderful tips and tricks.
  12. 12. National Institutes of Health - This is another government operated website that will provide you with news about Celiac Disease education, materials, resources, stories about people just like you, tips on how to manage your gluten-free lifestyle, examples of a gluten-free diet and updates about campaigns and activities.
  13. 13. eMedTV - eMedTV channel provides a number of in-depth articles, and will cover topics ranging from Celiac Disease to gluten intolerance symptoms, and the gluten-free diet. It is a fairly interesting site and worth checking out.
  14. 14. The Whole Gang - Gluten Free Dinner Cookbook - Although this isn't your 'typical' website about gluten intolerance or Celiac Disease, this website does offer a pretty awesome gluten-free cookbook for less than $10 that is available to download immediately.
  15. 15. Paleo Friendly Gluten-Free Cookbook - We absolutely love this product and feel it is an amazing resource for anyone who is suffering from gluten intolerance, Celiac Disease or simply wants to follow a Paleo diet.
  16. 16. Wikipedia - A list of the top websites dedicated to gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease wouldn't be complete without adding Wikipedia. They seem to have information about everything, and have a VERY long and detail article about gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity.
  17. 17. 1 in 133 - This is a wonderful site that has been raising awareness about Celiac Disease since May 2011, but has made some pretty incredible strides in the gluten free community by hosting fundraisers in Washington and helping to push the FDA into creating better food labeling standards. 
  18. 18. Gluten Intolerance Symptoms - This is a fairly popular blog for people looking to learn about gluten intolerance and it describes in good detail about some of the related symptoms and diseases linked to gluten intolerance.
  19. 19. Gluten Free Network - This is a pretty comprehensive blog that describes in pretty good detail, all about gluten intolerance, it provides regularly updated news, and also gives some gluten free recipes.
  20. 20. In Just 10 Pages - Come-on... You have to know our site would make the top 20! But since you're already reading this far you know that In Just 10 Pages is a great resource for people suffering from gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease. We provide several amazing microbooks, and give some great gluten-free recipes as well
  21. 21. http://blog.JulesGlutenFree.com
  22. 22. http://www.TheGFReview.com
  23. 23. http://www.glutenfreeworks.com
  24. 24. http://www.gluten.net
  25. 25. http://www.celiaccentral.org
  26. 26. http://blog.JulesGlutenFree.com
  27. 27. http://www.delightglutenfree.com
  28. 28. http://www.elanaspantry.com/
  29. 29. http://www.glutenfreebee.com/
  30. 30. http://www.glutenfreebynature.com
  31. 31. http://www.glutenfreeda.com
  32. 32. http://www.bardsbeer.com
  33. 33. http://glutenfreefoodlists.com
  34. 34. http://www.SilvanasKitchen.com
  35. 35. http://www.imglutenfreebaby.com
  36. 36. http://www.glutenfreeregistry.com
  37. 37. http://www.isthatglutenfree.com
  38. 38. http://www.glutenfreefitness.com
  39. 39. http://holdthegluten.net
  40. 40. http://grainfreerecipes.com/category/flours/
  41. 41. http://www.glutenfreesta.com
  42. 42. http://www.glutenfreefreak.com
  43. 43. http://goo.gl/bxd8v http://www.glutenfreeways.com
  44. 44. http://glutenfreemaps.com
  45. 45. http://www.cookitallergyfree.com/blog
  46. 46. http://www.livingwithout.com/
  47. 47. http://www.atxglutenfree.com/
  48. 48. http://www.glutenfreeliving.com
  49. 49. http://www.glutenfreeoptimist.blogspot.com/
  50. 50. http://www.GFDoctorRecipes.com
  51. 51. http://www.glutenfreegeek.com/blog/
  52. 52. http://www.celiacnurse.com
  53. 53. http://theglutenfreeks.com
  54. 54. http://triumphdining.com
  55. 55. http://switch2glutenfree.com
  56. 56. http://www.simplysugarandglutenfree.com
  57. 57. http://www.cybelepascal.com
  58. 58. http://gfboston.blogspot.com
  59. 59. http://www.onespotallergy.com
  60. 60. http://www.glutenfreehub.com
  61. 61. http://glutenfreeeasily.com
  62. 62. http://glutenfreeportland.org
  63. 63. http://glutenfreesteve.wordpress.com
  64. 64. http://www.glutenfreebay.com
  65. 65. http://www.gfedge.com
  66. 66. http://glutenfreelicio.us/
  67. 67. http://www.kinnikinnick.com
  68. 68. http://www.glutenfreemike.com
  69. 69. http://www.seventeenthandirving.com
  70. 70. http://blindedbythebite.wordpress.com/
  71. 71. http://www.udisglutenfree.com
  72. 72.http://gfreemom.com
  73. 73. http://adventuresofaglutenfreemom.com
  74. 74. http://www.lafaimdesdelices.fr
  75. 75. http://subscribe.CeliacFacts.com
  76. 76. http://www.mynonglutenlife.com
  77. 77. http://www.glutenfree-lifestyle.com
  78. 78. http://www.glutenfreepromise.com
  79. 79. http://www.theceliacdiva.com/
  80. 80. http://www.glutenfreebay.com
  81. 81. http://www.glutenfreecookideas.com
  82. 82. http://www.theglutenfreebistro.com/products.html
  83. 83. http://www.specialgourmets.com
  84. 84. http://www.glutenfreemama.com
  85. 85. http://gfreelife.com
  86. 86. http://www.delightglutenfree.com
  87. 87. http://www.alexgazzola.co.uk
  88. 88. http://www.glutenfreephilly.com
  89. 89. http://www.glutenfreebetsy.com
  90. 90. http://www.glutenfreehomemaker.com
  91. 91. http://www.glutenfreetravelmagazine.com.com
  92. 92. http://www.coeliac.org.uk
  93. 93. http://www.byebyegluti.com
  94. 94. http://www.glutenfreeedmonton.com
  95. 95. http://glutenfreerecipes.net/
  96. 96. http://celiacsinthehouse.com
  97. 97. http://tinyurl.com/gluten-free-guy
  98. 98. http://www.glutenfreemrsd.com/
  99. 99. http://www.glutenista.com
  100. 100. http://www.andreasglutenfree.com
  101. 101. http://www.glutenfreeville.com
  102. 102. http://www.glutengirlinaustin.com
  103. 103. http://elizabethatkinson.com/glee.html
  104. 104. http://subscribe.CeliacFacts.com
  105. 105. http://www.glutenfreecat.com
  106. 106. http://www.gling.com
  107. 107. http://www.glutenfreetasteofhome.blogspot.com
  108. 108. www.GlutenFreeDieting.com
  109. 109. http://www.toovalooglutenfree.com
  110. 110. http://www.gfsocialmedia.blogspot.com/
  111. 111. http://www.sistersthreeglutenfree.com
  112. 112. http://www.glutenfreeconcepts.com
  113. 113. http://www.HoneyGardenGifts.com
  114. 114. http://www.ezgluten.com
  115. 115. http://glutenfreeinsouthflorida.blogspot.com/
  116. 116. http://blog.idonteatwheat.com
  117. 117. http://drstevenenningerdailyblog.blogspot.com/
  118. 118. http://www.glutenfreeforgood.com/blog/
  119. 119. http://www.intolerablegluten.com
  120. 120. http://www.gfliving.com
  121. 121. http://rockinthehealthylife.com
  122. 122. http://www.strictlyglutenfree.com
  123. 123. http://GlutenFreeTucson.com
  124. 124. http://www.aroundtheworldgourmet.com
  125. 125. http://www.glutenfreepizza.com/
  126. 126. http://www.foodista.com
  127. 127. http://www.cookitallergyfree.com/blog
  128. 128. http://www.glutenfreescallywag.com
  129. 129. http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com/
  130. 130. http://www.foodamentalists.co.uk/
  131. 131. http://DiscoverGlutenFreedom.com
  132. 132. http://glutenfreetrends.com
  133. 133. http://www.thecakecrusader.co.uk

I hope you enjoyed the list of the top 133 gluten-free websites!

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