Last Chance to Win!!!

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It's not quite a professional picture, but I was very excited to get it in the mail today so I took a quick picture with my phone... The 'pro' pictures are coming soon!

Anyway, I want to give away one more copy of our new print cookbook: "The Easy Gluten Free Recipe Series" so it is time for one last contest!!! This one is called 'The LAST COMMENT WINS!!!'

The winner will be the person who leaves the LAST comment just before I close this contest. It will end anywhere between today and May 10, 2013. Every comment counts, so if you want to increase your chance of winning, you can write a new comment or reply to a comment someone else has left. So be sure to comment often on our Facebook page:

Here's how the contest works:

1. Pre-register here: You must pre-register for a chance to win:

2. Answer the follow question on facebook: What type of gluten-free cookbook interests you the most?

3. Share and like this post with friends and family.

4. The LAST comment wins when I close the contest. It could be 24 hours from now or 15 days from now... The LAST COMMENT WINS!!!! 

Good luck to everyone who enters! 


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