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What is a Microbook?

A Microbook is a condensed version of a regular book in digital form, consisting of text and/or images that are readable on personal computers or other digital devices such as e-Readers, e-book devices or mobile devices. It is always ten pages in length and is written by experts/professionals who determine what information is the most relevant, useful or important. They are considered to be one of the most efficient ways to absorb information because they help people find the answers to questions on any given subject and provide solutions in a fraction of the time.

A Microbook is very similar to an e-book or a PDF because it is very user friendly and compatible with every day technology and is sometimes confused with a 'pocket sized' recording studio for PC or Mac.

What is in a Microbook?

A Microbook includes only the most useful information necessary. It will provide the regular information from a traditional "how-to" book and condense it into a short and understandable summary.

History of Microbooks

Microbooks are not a new idea. Most people remember growing up and buying the "Coles Notes" or "Cliffs Notes" when we had a project to finish and wanted to do well. A Microbook will provide that exact experience for readers.

What is the difference between a Microbook and a regular book or an e-book?

The main difference between a Microbook and a regular book or an e-book is the content. Most of the information we receive takes a great amount of time to read to discover a solution. A Microbook will provide that solution quickly and takes just a few minutes to read. Imagine having a question and finding the answer almost instantly.

How do I download a Microbook?

Getting your first Microbook is easy. Simply sign up, pick your favorite category and download. As a member you also have access to every other Microbook we have in our library and can download and share as many titles as you want.

Our Mission with Microbooks

Right now we are focusing our efforts in the 'health and nutrition' niche. Our main focus is to provide incredible information about gluten intolerance symptoms, Celiac Disease Symptoms, and the role gluten plays in your life. We have several gluten intolerance ebooks / Microbooks to help you learn about the autoimmune disease and also offer over 120 gluten free recipes.

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In Just 10 Pages will provide solutions faster and easier than anybody else and will give answers to everyday questions. We work with our experts to write Microbooks that are condensed E-books. If you have a question, we have an answer. Solutions. In Just 10 Pages.

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