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Stop Saying No To Your Kids And Your Self! Professional Gluten-Free Chef Takes Time Away From Her Kitchen To Create Gluten Free Recipes For You!


Imagine Eating Delicious Gluten Free Meals That Are Easy To Cook, Taste Great And Have Ingredients That Are Affordable And Easy To Find? All created by a team of chefs that specialize in gluten-free cooking.

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It’s no secret that many people are finding that they cannot eat gluten. Most people think going gluten free means eating boring, plain and bland foods in order to avoid pain.

But today, things are about to change... Just read what’s following to find out why!


From Brandon Schmid,

President of InJust10Pages.com and co-creator of Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Every person that is serious about going gluten free knows that they simply need to eliminate gluten from their diet.

Let's face it, eliminating gluten sounds easy but it can get quite complicated. You need to know what ingredients to avoid, how to prepare meals and what foods could contain hidden amounts of gluten.

And, even if you do figure all this out, preparing delicious gluten free meals could take extra time, cost extra money and could still end up tasting bland or booring.

However, some people still manage to be faithful about gluten free recipes but they quickly face another problem:

Traditional Gluten Free Recipes Are Boring, Taste Bland And Take Too Long To Cook.

It’s not long before we give up on gluten free cooking. We start cheating and try to take shortcuts or add things that we shouldn't. That's because its hard to find easy, delicious gluten free recipes made by a gluten free cook that actually taste good.

Nothing that could match the satisfaction of eating something that tastes so good that you want more...

And you’re not the one to blame...Who the hell can live exclusively on boiled chicken breasts, beans and broccoli?

I bet that you know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Other problems people face is the misconceptions surrounding gluten free cooking and gluten free recipes:


Do any of these sound familiar? Don't worry, you are not the only one.

As you might be able to tell, I have a strong passion for all things gluten-free. I'm a business owner and when I saw the enormous gluten-free challenge out there I decided to take a stand and create something that would actually help people.

When I started to research and find out how big the gluten-free problem was I got really excited.


Because the truth is I'm not a chef nor am I gluten-intolerant. I'm just a regular guy that saw a big problem and wanted to make a difference in the world some how.

Most people would hide from this truth. In fact, I was told not to mention it at all. But that's not like me. Because I'm a regular guy, I had to position myself with people that were experts in the field. This gave me a huge advantage.

That's how I met Chef Liz Scott. I needed a professional chef to help me create the best gluten-free weight-loss recipes.

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Chef Liz is a professional chef and graduated from the prestigious French Culinary Institute in New York City. She is also the award-winning author of seven books on healthy cooking and eating. She also specializes in recipe writing and menu development for specialty diets such as gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free.

I worked with Liz and other gluten-free chefs to create only the best, easiest and most tasty recipes for you!

Be the Envy of All Your Gluten-Free Friends With Over 220 Recipes!

Here's a Sample of Some of the Recipes Inside:

Stop Trying To Cook Complicated, Expensive Gluten Free Meals That Don't Even Taste Good!

Have you given up? Have you just accepted the fact that you have to eat boring and tasteless meals in order to go gluten free? Are you frustrated and tired of spending tons of money on ingredients that are hard to find? Well now you don't have to be:


The Easy Gluten Free Cooking Series:

Enjoy cooking easy, delicious chef created gluten free recipes. With over 220 of the best recipes that chef Liz has to offer.


Each recipe is condensed into just one page. If it won't fit on one page then it's too complicated to make!


Chef Liz has focused on the best gluten free recipes in each area. This saves you time rifling through tons of recipes that you probably won't cook anyway. Save your time and cook only the best recipes.


All the ingredients found in this series can be found at your local supermarket or online and are affordable!


Chef Liz has taken her time with these recipes and assures there are no hidden ingredients that contain gluten.


In this recipe series you will get:

Over 220 Fresh, Tasty Recipes:


($29.95 Value) Enjoy the best, most mouth-watering recipes that Chef Liz has put together in the following categories:

- Breakfast

- Lunch

- Dinner

- Dessert

- Kid Friendly

- Bread

- Soups

With this many recipes spread across these awesome categories it'll be hard to ever get stuck in a recipe rut again!


Digital and Print Available!


(NEW!) Do you want a nice cookbook for your kitchen? Print books are now available!

- Get all the recipes printed in a beautiful 6x9 cookbook and shipped to your door.

- Perfect for easy reference at home

- All the recipes are 1 page and highlight the calorie count so you know exactly what you're consuming.

- All print books come with the digital version for added ease of reading.

With this durable, easy to read cookbook you'll never be left standing in your kitchen wondering what to make again!


Bread Recipes That Actually Taste Like Bread:


($9.95 Value) I know you miss bread. I challenged Chef Liz to create the BEST package of bread recipes that she's ever made.

You'll find that these bread recipes actually taste like bread! No more eating cardboard just so you can feel like you're having bread.

Here's a sample of what's inside:

- Bread machine recipes

- Pizza dough recipes

- The best sandwich bread recipe

- Honey multigrain bread recipe

- and much more...

With this ultimate bread recipe package you won't even feel like you're eating gluten-free anymore!


The Gluten-Free Lunchbox for Kids:


($9.95 Value) My children are gluten-free, what do I give them for school?

This is a comment we hear often and we've come up with the perfect guide for you. Inside you'll find:

- Awesome, unique gluten-free recipes that your kids will love

- Fantastic snack ideas

- Quick ideas for FAST lunch packing

- The 4 things your child must do to remain safe and healthy

Stop thingking about what to pack and relax because we've got your kids lunchbox covered!


30-Day Meal Planning Guide:


($9.95 Value) Do you like pre-planned days for all of your meals?

How about an entire month?

With our meal planning guide you'll get your first 30-days planned out from breakfast all the way to dinner and snacks.

You can then use the planning guide as a template and create an unlimited amount different combinations.

Forget "winging" it. With the meal planning guide you can save time with all your meals planned out.


The Best Budget Recipe Pack:


($9.95 Value) On a tight budget? Looking for recipes that are inexpensive to make?

- Get the top 10 of our best and easiest budget recipes

- Each recipe includes a cost per serving number

- Quality and deliciousness is still high while being easy on the purse

Now you can finally go gluten-free without breaking the bank!


The Best Diet Recipe Pack:


($9.95 Value) Looking to shead a few pounds? Get access to our best collection of recipes that are designed for weight-loss.

All of the recipes:

- Are designed to fight fat while being gluten-free

- Are designed by professional chefs

- Are low-carb, high-protein meals

- Taste awesome!

Go gluten-free, lose weight and don't sacrifice your taste buds!


The Ultimate Gluten-Free Guide


($9.95 Value) In this guide you'll get a compilation of Chef Liz's best tips from her many years of chef experience, which include:

- A list of substitute ingredients

- A list of alternative names for gluten

- A list of products that contain hidden gluten

- A list of typical ingredients that contain gluten

- Tips on dining out

With this guide you'll be confident cooking knowing that you have all the inside tips from a pro!


The Video Information Center:


($19.95 Value) Looking for extra information about gluten-intolerance and Celiac Disease?

Learn the symptoms of gluten-intolerance and much more with our simple explination videos

- Each video is short, to the point and informative

- Our videos are 100% unique and convey the information with a non-threatening approach called: Paper Animation

- Learn how gluten-intolerance is diagnosed

- Understand how you can get back on the right track

- Stop watching amateur YouTube videos. Get the facts with professional animation explination videos!


Naturopathic Doctor Expert Audio Interview


($19.95 Value) Ever have questions you wish could be answered by a doctor?

I sat down and did a 45 min interview with Naturopathic Doctor: John Peragine. Dr. Peragine ran a naturopathic clinic for years and specialized in helping people with gluten intolerance before he retired.

- We asked John the top 10 most pressing questions our community had including:

- What is the difference between gluten intolerance and Celiac Disease?

- Is there a medical cure for gluten intolerance?

- What type of supplements should I be taking if I'm gluten intolerant?

- Get the professional answers to these questions and many more with trusted advice from a Doctor that's helped treat many patients with gluten intolerance.


The Supreme Article Package:


($9.95 Value) Don't waste time going to other blogs.

Get our top 25 articles together in one convenient Ebook

Get 48 pages of rock solid gluten-free information

Get the answers to the following questions:

- How do I start a gluten-free diet?

- Is wheat gluten-free?

- How do I avoid cross-contamination?

- All this and much more...

Download the package and get everything instantly at your fingertips. No need to fuss around on our blog!

But Wait! There's More! When You Order Easy Gluten Free Recipes We'll Also Throw In The Following Bonuses:


Bonus #1 - The Gluten Free Shopping Guide:

($9.95 Value) - Created by Dr. John Peragine MS, PhD, this book will help you understand exactly what you can and can't eat. Enjoy a comprehensive list of foods that are OK to eat if you have gluten intolerance.

Dr. Peragine is a Natropathic Doctor that specializes in helping people identify gluten intolerance's as well as coping strategies.

Bonus #2 - The Gluten Free Restaurant Guide:


($9.95 Value) - Created by Dr. John Peragine MS, PhD, this book teaches people how they can dine out and still go gluten free!

Dr. Peragine explains the do's and don'ts of going out to restaurants if you have gluten intolerance.

Learn how to plan ahead and go gluten free while still enjoying time out with friends or family.




Bonus #3 - 45 Min Expert Audio Interview


($19.95 Value) - Enjoy a 45 minute audio interview done with Dr. Lou Granirer, nutrition response testing expert.

Our customers got their most pressing questions answered by Dr. Lou including: What happens in the body when a gluten sensitive person encounters gluten?




Is it possible to grow out of a gluten intolerance? And much more...


Learn how Dr. Lou uses the nutrition response testing technique to determine underlying nutritional deficits and toxicity in the body which includes testing for gluten intolerance.


The total value of all these bonuses is $39.85! but you get them free when you order today!


So the total package includes the 220 original recipes, 9 additional components and the 3 bonuses. The total value of this package is $179.35 and we could easily sell it for $29.95. But because you are a new member I want to earn your trust so right now you can get the entire set today for only $9.95! But only if you order right now!

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Listen, I know how much of an effect Easy Gluten Free Recipes is going to have on your life.

That's why when you act today we want to make the decision extremely easy by extending to you my IRON-CLAD, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!! (Digital copy only)

That's right, I am giving you a full 8-WEEKS to evaluate Easy Gluten Free Cooking digital version. If at any point you are not satisfied with your investment, just let us know and we'll gladly return your money.

I know I've come up with something unique and simple when it comes to gluten-free cooking. It's now your turn to join the crowd and enjoy all the benefits of Easy Gluten Free Cooking

Warm Regards,

Brandon Schmid

P.S. Remember, with my iron-clad money back guarantee I am giving you 60-days to find out if you like the digital series or not. Be sure to grab it RISK-FREE today.

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