Submission Guidelines For All Content Submissions

1) It is assumed that when you submit any content to InJust10Pages the "submission guidelines" page has been fully read and understood.

2) By submitting content to InJust10Pages you agree that InJust10Pages may publish the content on and it's affiliated networks.

3) InJust10Pages reserves the right to refuse any submissions without any notice.

4) InJust10Pages reserves the right to edit, modify or change any content provided so long as it maintains the integrity of the original article/Microbook.

5) All content MUST be original. InJust10Pages uses a combination of software and editors to ensure unique, original content.

6) Submission of any copyright material is strictly prohibited.

7) In order submit content you need to be the original author or have expressed, written consent from the original source.

8) You may not backlink, or be affiliated with any porn, gambling or otherwise deemed "inappropriate" websites.

9) If you are in violation with any of these guidelines InJust10Pages reserves the right to terminate any content without notice or explanation.

Don't steal other people's content. Don't be affiliated with any "shady" websites and don't try and submit content in which you know nothing about. If you follow these basic rules there is a very good chance your submission will be approved and we will develop a great working relationship.